Cracking the code of how to present a Lone Ranger for the 2010s, Gore Verbinski's heroic adventure is a whip-cracking thrill—an Old West superhero movie, essentially—with a climactic train sequence of unparallel craft.

Distributor: WALT DISNEY
Running Time: 149 mins.
Color: Color
Production: A Walt Disney Pictures presentation of a Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Blind Wink and Infinitum Nihil production.
Genre: Action , Drama , Westerns
Film Width: 2.35
Sound: Datasat Digital, Dolby Digital (AC-3)
Johnny Depp | Armie Hammer | Helena Bonham Carter | Barry Pepper | Tom Wilkinson | William Fichtner | James Badge Dale | Ruth Wilson | James Frain | Stephen Root


Gore Verbinski
Screenplay by 
Justin Haythe | Ted Elliott | Terry Rossio
Story by 
Justin Haythe | Ted Elliott | Terry Rossio
Jerry Bruckheimer | Gore Verbinski
Executive producer(s) 
Mike Stenson | Chad Oman | Ted Elliott | Terry Rossio | Johnny Depp | Eric Ellenbogen | Eric McLeod
Director(s) of photography 
Bojan Bazelli
Production designer(s) 
Jess Gonchor | Crash McCreery
Edited by 
Craig Wood | James Haygood
Music by 
Hans Zimmer
Costume designer(s) 
Penny Rose