Exhibitors can expect lots of "D'oh!" from the Simpsons' long-awaited, deliriously-funny big-screen debut.

Distributor: 20TH CENTURY FOX
Running Time: 86 mins.
Color: Color
Production: A Gracie Films and Matt Groening production.
Genre: Animation, Comedy
Film Width: 2.35
Sound: Dolby Digital (AC-3), DTS
Language: English
Dan Castellaneta (voice) | Julie Kavner (voice) | Nancy Cartwright (voice) | Yeardley Smith (voice) | Hank Azaria (voice) | Harry Shearer (voice) | Pamela Hayden (voice) | Tress MacNeille (voice) | Albert Brooks (voice) | Tom Hanks (voice)


David Silverman
Screenplay by 
Mike Scully | Matt Groening | James L. Brooks | Al Jean | Ian Maxtone-Graham | George Meyer | David Mirkin | Mike Reiss | Matt Selman | Jon Vitti | John Swartzwelder
James L. Brooks | Matt Groening | Al Jean | Mike Scully | Richard Sakai
Edited by 
John Carnochan
Music by 
Hans Zimmer
Original themes by 
Danny Elfman
Sequence director(s) 
Lauren MacMullan | Mike B. Anderson | Rich Moore | Steven Dean Moore | Gregg Vanzo
Supervising producer 
Richard Raynis
Animation production by  
Film Roman | Rough Draft Feature Animation