DreamWorks' star-studded, computer-animated feature reaches the young and older alike in its tale of an unprepossessing under-"ant" (with a voice by Woody Allen) who climbs out of obscurity to revolutionize his oppressed colony. Though lacking an original song score, Antz makes fine use of classic tunes, including "Give Peace a Chance." Funny and whimsical, it will find a grateful family audience.

Distributor: DREAMWORKS
Running Time: 83 mins.
Color: Color
Film Width: 1.85
Sound: Dolby Digital (AC-3), DTS, SDDS
Language: English
Woody Allen (voice) | Sharon Stone (voice) | Sylvester Stallone (voice) | Gene Hackman (voice) | Jennifer Lopez (voice) | Danny Glover (voice) | James Woods (voice) | Dan Aykroyd (voice) | Anne Bancroft (voice) | Jane Curtin (voice) | John Mahoney (voice) | Paul Mazursky (voice) | Grant Shaud (voice)


Eric Darnell | Tim Johnson
Screenplay by 
Todd Alcott | Chris Weitz | Paul Weitz | Paul Weitz
Brad Lewis | Aron Warner | Patty Wooton
Executive producer(s) 
Penny Finkelman Cox | Sandra Rabins | Carl Rosendahl | Sandra Rabins | Carl Rosendahl
Production designer(s) 
John Bell
Art director(s) 
Kendal Cronkhite
Edited by 
Stan Webb
Music by 
Harry Gregson-Williams | John Powell