Based on co-screenwriter Don Winslow's critically acclaimed novel, which is at heart a classic noir thriller that begins with some schmuck taking an ill-considered step and ends with his whole life in flames, Savages doubles down and raises the bloody without becoming a brainless, action-packed time-waster. Now that's entertainment.

Distributor: UNIVERSAL
Running Time: 130 mins.
Color: Color
Production: A Universal Pictures presentation, in association with Relativity Media, of a Moritz Borman production
Genre: Suspense, Action , Drama
Film Width: 2.35
Sound: Datasat Digital, Dolby Digital (AC-3), SDDS
Language: English, Spanish
Taylor Kitsch | Blake Lively | Aaron Johnson | Benicio Del Toro | John Travolta | Salma Hayek | Emile Hirsch | Demian Bichir | Joel David Moore | Sandra Echeverria | Diego Catano | Sean Stone | Jonathan Carr


Oliver Stone
Don Winslow | Shane Salerno | Oliver Stone
Based on the novel by 
Don Winslow
Moritz Borman | Eric Kopeloff
Executive producer(s) 
Fernando Sulchin | Shane Salerno | Todd Arnow
Director(s) of photography 
Dan Mindel
Production designer(s) 
Thomas Voth
Edited by 
Joe Hutshing | Stuart Levy | Alex Marquez
Music by 
Adam Peters
Costume designer(s) 
Cindy Evans