Grieving father hires three hit men to avenge his daughter's family. Accomplished thriller marks Hong Kong director Johnnie To's first European co-production.

Distributor: IFC FILMS
Running Time: 109 mins.
Color: Color
Production: A Michèle and Laurent Pétin presentation of an ARP SAS, Media Asia Films Ltd. and Milkyway Image Ltd. production.
Genre: Suspense
Film Width: 2.35
Sound: Dolby Digital (AC-3)
Language: Cantonese, English, French
Johnny Hallyday | Anthony Wong | Simon Yam | Lam Suet | Lam Ka Tung | Sylvie Testud | Felix Wong | Cheung Siu Fai | Yuk Ng Sau | Maggie Shiu | Feng Tsui Fan | Michelle Ye | Jo Koo | Elena Kong | Karen Chan | Vincent Sze


Johnnie To
Screenplay by 
Wai Ka Fai
Johnnie To | Wai Ka Fai | Michele Petin | Laurent Petin | Peter Lam | John Chong
Director(s) of photography 
Cheng Siu Keung
Art director(s) 
Silver Cheung
Edited by 
David Richardson
Music by 
Lo Tayu
Costume designer(s) 
Stanley Cheung